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Work at Securitas

Securitas is the market leader for security services: In the world and in Germany. Our tasks? As numerous as they are varied. Our team needs reinforcement. That's why we are looking for new employees.

Securitas Hauptsitz in Berlin

Securitas in Germany

Securitas is the largest security company in the world. We work in 45 countries. In total, 358,000 people are employed by us. In Germany, we are the largest security services company.

  • We have about 20,000 employees. They work in over 120 locations in Germany.
  • We adapt our offerings depending on how much security our customers need. Every person and every company has its own risks. That's why we offer different solutions. We help many different types of companies - from small to large.
  • Our values are honesty, attentiveness and helpfulness. These values are important for our clients, partners and employees. We are always looking for people who share these values.
  • We have many exciting jobs. For example, as a security guard, receptionist, precinct driver, alarm chaser or as a service employee. You can also work at Securitas as a career changer.
  • Dein Job in der Sicherheitsbranche, Securitas als Arbeitgeber


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