Sicherheit und Service für Groß- und Einzelhandel

Safety in retail

Our security services can help you reduce your losses and, above all, they can create a safe and secure shopping environment for you, your employees and your customers. Using qualified staff and cutting-edge technology, we offer you solutions that ensure the safety of persons, goods and buildings in wholesale and retail.

Expert security and service

Moreover, we can assume a great number of tasks for trading firms and control them in an integral manner – resulting in a significant relief for our customers. They can save costs by investing less in additional staff and technology; and, in addition, they gain valuable time allowing them to completely focus on their core business.

Intelligent concepts accounting for staff, technology and organization are necessary to reduce inventory losses und to achieve high safety standards for people, goods and buildings. To this end, we develop integrated security and service solutions for the retail sector which are individually tailored to meet the specific needs and demands.

Security solutions for wholesale and retail and shopping centers

We start with an inspection of your company and identify the most important risks, so that subsequently we can jointly develop preventive security solutions. Customized security solutions with integrated effective safety technology increase the security standards and reduce criminal offenses such as theft, damage to property, vandalism or sabotage.

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Security technology at the Schöneweide Center

As part of the integrated security solution, Securitas provides the center operator with cutting-edge technology.

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Boote Pfister

Boote Pfister

Whereas, initially, Securitas provided mobile patrol services to protect the sales area of the Boote Pfister GmbH, today IP video cameras are used for supervision via the monitoring center.

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