Sicherheit für Medienhäuser

Safety in the media and entertainment sector

TV and radio stations, publishing and printing houses, as well as studios produce a wide variety of journalistic and entertaining contents. In the media, controversial issues are addressed, which may involve security risks. Moreover, the extremely expensive technology and equipment require special protection.

Employees, guests and visitors shall feel comfortable and protected; smooth broadcasting and production flows shall be ensured. Securitas is the ideal security partner – with vigilance and helpfulness, the company guarantees a smooth workflow.

Security solution for media companies

Personnel and technical solutions ensure the safety of the buildings. In case of an alarm, access controls and reception services help to determine – at any time – how many visitors are in the building. Moreover, fire protection systems do not only serve to protect employees and visitors, but also the materials and technology on site.

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Raufeld Medien

Safe office space for Raufeld Medien

Securitas protects the office space of the Raufeld Medien GmbH.

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