Sicherheitsdienst im Krankenhaus

Safety in healthcare

Security needs in the care sector vary depending on whether the object is a hospital, a primary health facility or a nursing home.

Moreover, most healthcare facilities are institutions of public nature. Therefore, the potential danger to these houses is increasing – depending, of course, on the size and location – so that the demand for individual security solutions is also growing. Our local presence throughout Germany makes us a reliable partner who is able to quickly adjust individual security concepts.

Our security solutions for the health sector

For the protection of healthcare facilities, Securitas offers a one-stop solution combining manpower with innovative technology. Our employees are specially trained for tasks in the healthcare environment. Personnel services are combined with ultra-modern safety technology to form an integrated security solution (ISL), which offers patient safety and profitability to our customers.

Safety in hospitals

Clinic guards, receptionists and security and service assistants are deployed as a preventive measure; they support the protected houses by providing multiple services.

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