Werkschutz und Objektschutz

Plant security and object protection

As a security firm offering plant security services, we ensure safety and order at our customer’s sites, thus protecting you against hazards and damages to your company, your goods, your know-how and your employees. Our security solutions – including access controls, patrols, protection of personnel and visitors – guarantee the safety of our customers.

Industry-specific security solutions

Every area – e.g. logistics, transactions, industry, events, service or administration – has its own needs when it comes to security. Our plant security officers are specially trained pursuant to §34a, enabling us to offer you specific and concrete solutions.

Customer benefits

  • Analysis and evaluation of your risks
  • Vigilance 24/7
  • Trained and certified staff
  • Continuous adaptation of our concepts to safety provisions

The comprehensive combination of staff, technology and service protects the respective object from any dangerous situation. The ideal solution, especially for changing requirements: Flexible systems and concept expansions also protect construction sites in all phases of construction.