GPS Ortungsdienst

GPS Tracking Services

As part of the technical security services, we offer our customers GPS-aided product, vehicle and people tracking.

Our “Tracking & Tracing” services help to determine the position of product and goods processes, support theft tracking within the security systems of high-quality vehicles or enable the localization and rescue of endangered people who work alone.

Our service portfolio

  • Theft and burglary protection
  • GPS tracking throughout Europe
  • Driver identification by “DriverCard”
  • Vehicle remote control
  • Personal alarm via personal alarm signal systems (PNA, Personen-Notsignal-Anlagen
  • Effective “Man Down” monitoring
  • Initiation of immediate measures in case of an emergency

The GPS transmitters are installed in a hidden place in the vehicle. In the event of theft, we can easily track your vehicle and immobilize the vehicle through remote shutdown.

At workplaces with an increased hazard potential, an integrated GPS receiver can help to locate the carrier of the Securitas Personal Pro­tection System in real time. If an emergency occurs, the Securitas monitoring center will be contacted via a central alarm button and appropriate measures will be initiated.