Financial Services

Financial services

There is hardly any other industry in which security requirements are as comprehensive and varied as in the banking, insurance and financial service sector. Apart from the protection of sensitive data and confidential processes, security must meet the requirement of service-orientation to ensure the desired transparency.

Securitas offers special solutions to companies in the financial sector that cover the whole range of security and other services. Our references include regional private banks as well as nationwide and international framework agreements with major banks, financial and insurance groups.

Our service portfolio

  • Document management
  • Reception and visitor service
  • Security of branch offices
  • Security of high-rise buildings
  • Object protection
  • Safeguarding of general assemblies through staff and technology
  • Services – ranging from conference service to executive board reception and post office
  • Event services
  • Fire prevention

Individual, industry-related concepts – taking into account organizational, personnel and technical aspects, and optimally combining security and service – form the basis of our long-standing partnerships with banks, insurances and financial service providers.