Aufzugnotruf und Personenbefreiung

Elevator rescues

Our modern monitoring center technology offers our customers security for more than 15,000 elevator emergency systems that are already monitored.

All-round security

Our Monitoring Centers, which are on the alert 24/7, process incoming alarm messages and, in an automated process, they notify the alarm response officers who are closest to the object, thus ensuring quick help. The alarm response officers immediately make contact with the persons, who are possibly trapped, and perform the emergency rescue operation.

Recordings and notifications are made in accordance with the fixed emergency plan.

Services relating to elevator alarms

  • Monitoring & alarm management
  • Elevator rescue / persons rescue
  • Elevator attendant & competent persons
  • Elevator emergency systems pursuant to DIN EN 81-28 and accessories
  • Assistance in implementing the Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV, Betriebssicherheitsverordnung)