Video technology

Video technology often deters offenders and greatly contributes to the preservation of evidence and investigation of criminal offenses. In combination with intelligent video analysis software, it becomes a proactive safety measure. Thanks to the connection to our Monitoring Center, no more incidents will go unnoticed.

Improved safety through remote video surveillance

Following a comprehensive analysis of your individual requirements and needs, we will develop for you an effective and cost-efficient security concept including ultra-modern video technology. Our experienced employees at the Monitoring Center monitor the systems and immediately take the appropriate intervention measures if an incident occurs. By making live audio announcements to potential offenders, damages can be avoided before they occur.

Efficient and flexible

  • Securitas is a manufacturer-independent builder with VdS approval
  • Monitoring of indoor/outdoor and perimeter areas, process flows etc.
  • Modern IP camera technology for various fields of application with full HD resolutions in the megapixel range
  • Video analysis and video management software
  • Monitoring and alarm-response services, e.g. live audio announcements to offenders
  • Virtual patrol services are possible
  • Combination with other safety and sensor systems (e.g. access control systems)
  • Integration into hazard management systems is possible
  • MobileCam evo as a mobile monitoring alternative

Your advantages

Video surveillance technology offers versatile possibilities of application and linkage. Through intelligent analysis software and in connection with sensors or other alarm systems, video surveillance provides proactive protection against a large number of risks. Special thermal cameras combined with sensor systems, for example, can detect sources of fire at an early stage and trigger an alarm.

Always up-to-date – with ultra-modern HD technology

Full HD image resolution is the new trend in the field of video surveillance. The brilliant image quality of HD-TVI, HD-SDI and IP cameras and the simple user guidance of the hybrid recorders speak for themselves and offer maximum security. We will be pleased to present you with HD-TVI, HD-SDI, IP and analog cameras, as well as with the digital hybrid video management system ProGuard NG (next generation).

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