Mobile Cam

MobileCam evo

MobileCam evo is a state-of-the-art video trailer system which was specially designed for temporary use – mobile, autonomous, quickly ready and mountable in a modular way. The possible applications are manifold and useful.

The ideal solution for the efficient temporary protection of critical areas

This flexible security system is the ideal solution for the efficient temporary protection of critical areas – such as construction sites, storage spaces, delivery zones or structures and high-quality equipment – in the context of events. With the mobile video trailer, Securitas offers a complete set of modern camera technology, advanced video management software, professional monitoring by the Monitoring Center, as well as intervention in case of alarms.

Efficient, profitable system

  • Needs-oriented camera and audio systems on the mast head
  • Well-thought-out communication and energy supply variants  
  • Robust system structure for durable use
  • Reliable motion detection
  • Integrated energy backup system
  • Possibility to access live images and recordings via mobile end devices

Your added values

MobileCam evo is characterized by its quick readiness for use, including secure, redundant video recordings and a low false alarm rate. Significant installation and logistics expenses are eliminated. In case of an alarm, the operator at the Monitoring Center evaluates the live situation and can make live audio announcements to deter potential offenders. Damages can thus be reduced  to a minimum.

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