Mobile Brandmeldeanlage

Mobile fire alarm and evacuation system

Every year, enormous damage is caused by fire events and accidents occurring at constructions sites. But also during structural alteration works, alternative personnel measures are often needed to compensate for deactivated or defective fire alarm or sprinkler systems. It is recommended here to use the mobile fire alarm and evacuation system, which was specifically designed for construction projects and for the protection of non-stationary buildings.

Wireless, mobile and certified

The mobile fire alarm and evacuation system mBMES is the first wireless, mobile fire alarm and evacuation system that has been developed in accordance with the European standard EN 54.

Our scope of services includes the following components

  • Base station
  • Manual pushbutton alarm with siren and/or flashing light
  • Automatic smoke detector
  • Automatic heat detector
  • Amplifier, interface und mobile evaluation unit (tablet)


  • Early warning, immediate alarm and identification of the damaged area
  • Acoustic and optical alarms in the entire security area
  • Immediate alarm via SMS to up to 6 mobile phones
  • Alarms of the mBMES can be forwarded to the fixed fire alarm system or via a dialing device

The planning of the plants is based on the specifications of DIN 14675. Qualified Securitas Fire & Safety experts will gladly support you in the following areas: planning, authorities engineering, installation, configuration, maintenance, operation and dismantling of the plant.

  • Mobile, wireless fire alarm and evacuation system pursuant to EN 54
  • Temporary protection of construction sites or non-stationary buildings (e.g. containers, tents)
  • High scalability based on the customer’s specific needs  
  • Short-term adaptation to changed requirements through intuitive handling
  • Qualified planning of installation sites pursuant to DIN 14675
  • High reliability
  • Real-time system monitoring including sabotage protection
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