Fire alarm systems

In the event of fire, fast response times are crucial for the protection of life, health and material assets. The earlier a fire source is detected, located and limited, the more quickly and effectively modern extinguishing technology can be used and possible damage can be minimized by the fire fighters.

Our fire alarm systems offer effective protection

To ensure that nothing burns, Securitas’ fire alarm systems offer active security. They usually consist of a central unit, individual fire detectors, a signal transmitter, as well as a device for transmission to the fire department and monitoring center of Securitas. Moreover, we have mobile fire alarm systems that can be used in a completely flexible way.

Certified fire alarm systems, which can be relied upon

  • Securitas is a manufacturer-independent builder with DIN 14675 approval
  • Identification of cost-saving potentials
  • Planning, installation and maintenance in accordance with the usual DIN standards
  • Connection to a VdS-certified Monitoring Center
  • Regular training of our employees
  • Close cooperation with authorities, fire brigade and insurances
  • Linkage with other security systems is possible, e.g. MobileCam evo

Your advantages:

In the unpleasant case of fire, you are well equipped for a fast response: The fire department is alerted, all people are warned by the acoustic alarm signal, smoke extraction systems are switched on, fire doors are closed. Thus, you do everything in your power to prevent damages to people and material assets. It is possible to integrate your fire alarm system into a hazard alarm system, which controls and visualizes several of your security systems (e.g. video surveillance or access systems).

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