Sicherheitstechnik: Feuerwerdrohne

Safety from a bird’s eye view

The efficient drone system allows for an immediate holistic assessment of the situation while, at the same time, increasing the safety of the security officers on site. Live image transmissions directly to the operations management make it easier for the commanding officer and the employees at the monitoring center to select the appropriate security officers and technical equipment, thus ensuring a prompt and targeted initiation of immediate measures.

Ideal for operations in the following areas: Fire brigade, emergency management, revisions and downtimes

During a fire or gas leak at an industrial facility, the timely coordination of personnel and technical countermeasures to prevent damage are of crucial importance. On site, the drone – which is fitted with sensors – provides a first overall picture of the situation.

Uses in the area of fire brigades

  • Preliminary exploratory flights and assessment of the situation
  • Identifying the fire source
  • Measurements of harmful substances
  • Detection and assessment of damage
  • Use in the event of chemical and biological hazards
  • Tracking of missing persons

Moreover, the drones assist the expert staff in inspecting and controlling technical facilities in connection with the measurement of gases and industrial pollutants. This is of particular benefit to operators of industrial, energy, chemical, oil and gas facilities who need to implement revisions and undergo TÜV acceptance testing at periodic intervals.

Uses in the Safety area (occupational safety)

  • Inspection flights at industrial facilities (rooftops, natural gas pipelines, chimneys, turbines)
  • Inspection of exhaust-gas systems
  • Detection of tube leakages
  • Thermographic status checks of heat and gas pipelines
  • Turnaround support
  • Prompt identification of hazards (identification of fire sources, pollutant releases)
  • Concentration and distribution measurement of gases & vapors
  • Quick assessment of the situation, even at inaccessible places
  • Detailed analysis of measurement, image and video data
  • Effective coordination of rescue teams
  • Enhanced occupational safety
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