Sicherheitsdraht zur Freilandüberwachung

Safety wire for open land monitoring

The importance of perimeter protection is constantly increasing. Besides high-security areas – such as correctional facilities – more and more industrial objects, outdoor storage areas and high-quality private objects are equipped with fence security systems. State-of-the-art technology is indispensable in the field of open land monitoring.

Protection for company premises and private ground

The safety wire is a modern and safe system (almost without false alarms) for the protection of fences and mural crowns. Moreover, the system is used for avoiding access to and breaking of containers, safes and windows. In this context, the wire is used in the form of a mesh web.

Innovative premises and break-through protection

  • Safety wire has four electronically monitored alarm wires, multiple steel reinforcement and a PVC outer sheath
  • Fully insensitive to differences in temperature, humidity and ground moisture
  • Cutting or shorting results in an alarm being triggered immediately
  • Permanent mechanical changes can be identified subsequently
  • Due to the green or grey color pursuant to RAL, on the surface it cannot be distinguished from customary tension wires
  • Compatibility with other alarm systems (e.g. video systems)
  • Integration into hazard alarm systems is possible

Your advantages

The versatility and robustness of the safety wire make it an effective security measure. Risks, such as unauthorized persons entering or leaving the property or the uncontrolled exchange of objects over the property boundary, are reduced to a minimum. From installation to maintenance and repair to alarm connection and the introduction of the necessary immediate measures – with us, you get everything from a single source.

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