Safety technology

Intelligently used technical systems enable an improved security infrastructure and provide economic benefits. Our skilled employees give advice, develop plans and projects and install the safety technology. Moreover, they provide the necessary sustainable service.

Technical solutions for any need

An object-specific conception is based on a comprehensive analysis of your needs and requirements. Manufacturer-independent technical components, if requested, supplemented by personnel security and other services, as well as investments in the chosen technology ensure the required economic efficiency and save your resources.

Our technology portfolio

  • Alarm a burglar alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Video systems, video analysis and video management software
  • Access control systems
  • Open-air site surveillance
  • Hazard management software
  • Installation
  • Maintenance, servicing and repair
  • Operation and service

Securitas is a member of the BHE Bundesverband Hersteller und Errichter (national association of manufacturers and installers) and VdS-certified according to DIN EN 9001.

Technische Hochschule Wildau

TH Wildau

Securitas protects the campus of the Technical University of Wildau.

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