Remote Video Solutions

Remote Video Solutions (RVS) combine cutting-edge video cameras, monitoring and alarm-response activities in one complete service. The IP network cameras and the intelligent analysis software render the system more efficient. So no incident will be missed in the future.

Live audio announcements deter offenders

In the case of an alarm, live images are generated at the Securitas monitoring center allowing for a quick assessment of the situation. Via an audio connection, the offender(s) will be addressed live, and further intervention measures will be initiated. Incidents, interruptions of the daily work and false alarms are thus reduced to a minimum.

To see exactly what's happening

The following services may be performed remotely:

  • Video patrol services
  • Identification of persons and vehicles
  • Security escorts
  • Opening and closing services for objects

Your advantage

The RVS concept offers you an efficient and alternative way to prevent offenses – such as theft, vandalism, sabotage or property damage – in the long run.

Boote Pfister

Boote Pfister

Whereas, initially, Securitas provided mobile patrol services to protect the sales area of the Boote Pfister GmbH, today IP video cameras are used for supervision via the monitoring center.

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