Notruf- und Serviceleitstelle

Monitoring Center

At our monitoring centers in Berlin and Mannheim – which are certified by the Property Insurer Association (VdS, Verband der Sachversicherer) – qualified experts attend to incoming messages from various alarm systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They take intervention measures, or they connect directly to the site via remote video surveillance and address potential offenders.

Alarm connection including intervention measures

Every day, our operators at the monitoring centers process and steer more than 3000 emergency and fault messages. Incoming incident messages range from fire, assault and burglar alarms to technical fault messages and emergency calls from people who are in danger.

If an alarm message is confirmed as genuine, nationwide, the experts take the respective intervention measures laid down in the action plan. They have immediate access to message lists and passwords for authentication and inform the customer contacts as well as, possibly, the rescue services, police and fire brigade.

Increased safety thanks to qualified monitoring center staff  

Qualified employees are indispensable for professional alarm management. In order to be able to keep calm, to analyze situations correctly and to quickly implement all necessary measures, even under stress, our employees are specially trained for working at our monitoring centers.



Sanacorp is a leading company in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector. Securitas integrated a security solution including technology, manpower and monitoring for the modern pharmaceutical logistics center in Potsdam.

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