Datensicherung: Online Backup Pro

Data backup

In times of cyberattacks, economic espionage and aggressive malware, the loss of data is omnipresent. The demands placed on data backup in the corporate sector are constantly growing. This calls for solutions that comply with the legal and operational requirements and relieve the companies. With Securitas Online Backup Pro, we offer an efficient backup technology that works in a fast, cost-effective and reliable manner.

The cost-efficient backup solution

Online Backup Pro automatically creates backups of your data – either daily or at individually determined times. From your server, a secure connection to the German backup data center will be established and the data to be backed up will be transmitted in encrypted form. Only you know the key and only you can decrypt your data again.

Efficient und flexible

  • Backup with a flexible time schedule
  • Fully automatic, thus minimum effort
  • Staff- and location-independent
  • Sensitive data are protected against sources of error
  • Quick browser-based online recovery of your data
  • Independent of the operating system
  • Data security guaranteed by AES encryption
  • Data remain in Germany

Your encrypted data will be transmitted to a German computer center and, if required, to a second geo-redundant backup computer center. Both centers meet the latest security standards – they are protected by means of UPS systems, climatically controlled and have water, smoke, fire and gas warning systems.

Your data is safe with us.

If you choose our solution, you won’t need to buy and maintain backup servers; neither will you have to provide for the daily storage of backup tapes, and you will avoid the risk of a backup process being forgotten. Our modern backup technology is up to 45 percent more cost-efficient than traditional solutions.