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Video surveillance at TSR Group

The TSR Group as an employer 2,600 people at 150 sites is one of the leading scrap metal recycling companies in Europe. For theft prevention, Securitas installed a video surveillance solution, including alarm verification, at the Hamburg site.

The task

Several years ago, Securitas already provided mobile patrol services at the TSR site in Hamburg. The high-quality metals processed there require a higher level of security. Securitas convinced the TSR Group by offering 24/7 video surveillance.

The solution

Securitas offered the TSR Group an integrated security solution, including remote video surveillance (RVS – Remote Video Solutions), as well as additional mobile patrol services for its Hamburg site.
Various cameras and infrared searchlights are used at the TSR site. A video analysis plug-in automatically detects intruders and sends an alarm to the monitoring center in case of unauthorized access. The specialists at the monitoring center can monitor the site from a remote location. If an alarm is received, employees check the nature of the alarm signal.
A pressure chamber loudspeaker allows the operators to address the offenders directly. Thus, intruders can be deterred and burglaries can be prevented. At the same time, Securitas employees initiate intervention by the police or their own security officers.

The customer's benefit: Theft prevention

Securitas has invested in video surveillance technology. The security company offers installation, maintenance, security officers and remote surveillance from the monitoring center. Theft is effectively prevented. The presence of cameras alone can help to deter burglars.

The all-in-one solution from a single source

"Securitas offers us an all-in-one solution from a single source. They take care of all security matters. Thus, we can concentrate on our core tasks."

Christian Weber, Commercial Manager at TSR Nord

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