Safe Track Construction – Modern Solution for Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) operates the largest railroad network in Europe. Securitas provides reliable protection for construction sites in the track area and, to this end, the company invests in innovations and the best technology in the market.

The task

To minimize restrictions on railway transport, track construction works are often carried out “under the rolling wheel”. These works, however, place high demands on construction site management and occupational safety. Reliable warning systems, as well as qualified technical staff with great expert knowledge are thus indispensable. As regards occupational and traffic safety, strict requirements of the DB and German Federal Office of Railways apply to these construction sites, which must be complied with by the security service providers.

The solution

Securitas offers the customer a concept that strictly meets all statutory framework conditions, as well as the DB corporate guidelines for works in the track area. To fulfill the requirements, Securitas continuously invests in the qualification of its employees. The core of the security concept is ultra-modern security technology, which Securitas makes available to its client, including technical systems such as automatic warning systems, fixed barriers or technical auxiliary systems such as TH-BÜP, a barrier system at railroad crossings. Trained employees assemble and operate these at the track construction sites, thus protecting the employees from the dangers of railway operations. Additionally, Securitas MobileCams can be used as flexible video systems at critical sections. Construction sites are thus monitored around the clock and protected against material thieves and vandalism

The customer’s benefit

Securitas delivers the latest and most effective security technology, which enables us to meet the high demands of our client. Thanks to the high qualification of our staff, we generate high flexibility and versatility. We ensure the safety of the employees in the track area so that they can concentrate on their work without worries.

Absolute reliability

“The track construction works require a 100-percent trouble-free safety operation. The Securitas employees are excellently qualified for this task, and they employ safety systems. Our staff is in safe hands.”

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