Technische Hochschule Wildau

Security Solution for the Technical University of Wildau

TH Wildau is the largest technical university in the Brandenburg region. The daily fluctuation of visitors and students requires a high level of security. Since 1999 Securitas is a valued security partner of the university.

The task

At the beginning, the TH Wildau had to deal with enormous damages caused by vandalism and theft. In 1998 alone, the damage sum amounted to 120,000 DM (61,355 €). These deficits had to be reduced as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the project "offene Häuser" (open houses) was scheduled to be implemented, which allows students and university members 24/7 access to the university buildings.

The solution

A new security concept was needed. First of all, Securitas integrated security staff and patrolling of the area. Then, an alarm system was connected to the monitoring center to introduce the Integrated Security Solution (Securitas ISL). Later on, Securitas gradually installed further intrusion alarm and barrier systems, as well as video surveillance systems – tailored to meet the individual needs of the university campus. Up to date, Securitas combines security staff – such as checkups as well as closing and alarm response services – with technical security solutions.

The benefit

In view of the large number of buildings on the campus, it would have hardly been possible for the university to finance the alarm systems and video technology itself. The combination of staff and technology is flexible and can be upgraded. For the Technical University of Wildau, this does not only mean an increased security level, but also cost-savings and reliability in planning.

Flexible & safe

"Securitas' security solutions provided the basis for a solid partnership. It was not only the flexibility in implementing these solutions that suited us well, but also the higher level of security. In the future, we aim to control the existing security technology via GEMOS – building management system. By using this system, all buildings can be monitored centrally."

Prof. Dr. László Ungvári, President of the TH Wildau

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