Sicherheit im Hahnwald

Security concept for Hahnwald

For many years, Securitas has ensured the safety of the Cologne Hahnwald district on behalf of its local residents and the “Sicherheit im Hahnwald e.V.” association. The security concept focuses on the protection of property and families.

The task: Burglary protection for the Hahnwald residents

"A long series of burglaries led to a growing uncertainty among the affected people and made it clear to the residents of the Hahnwald district that there was an urgent need for action in order to protect families and property. The integrated security concept offered by Securitas convinced the association and the families living here," says lawyer Peter D. Götzmann, chairman of the "Sicherheit im Hahnwald e.V." association.

The solution: Residential patrols protect Hahnwald

For a small flat monthly charge, the members of the "Sicherheit im Hahnwald e.V." association benefit from a broad range of security services for the more than 600 families living there. At the core of the security measures are the 24/7-residential patrols. On 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the mobile security service keeps the residential complex under surveillance. Moreover, the residents can connect their alarm systems to the Securitas monitoring center. The patrols are always nearby – thus, in cases of emergency, they arrive on-site within one or two minutes. And the school route safety service provides enhanced security for children at bus stops and passageways.

Individual security services round off the spectrum

Holiday service: To simulate an inhabited house during holidays, residents may ask the security service to control their premises, empty the letter boxes and roll the shutters up and down.
The Securitas spare key service provides locked-out residents with the spare key that has been deposited; the owner thus saves the high costs for a locksmith.
The Securitas escort service often serves to escort elderly people on their way home and to see if everything is ok after a long period of absence.

The customer benefit: Safest Cologne district thanks to burglary protection

Many crimes could be prevented by the security firm. For the last 25 years, Hahnwald has been the district with the lowest crime rate in Cologne. Securitas provides additional safety, thus making the citizens feel good and protected.

Trustful cooperation

„For 15 years now, the employees' reliability and the trustful cooperation with Securitas have ensured our safety. The permanent presence of a vehicle in the residential area plays an important role in crime prevention, and shapes and improves the quality of life of all local residents."

Peter D. Götzmann, „Sicherheit im Hahnwald e.V."

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