Zentrum Schöneweide

Cutting-edge security technology at the Schöneweide Center

With 45 specialist shops and a great choice of restaurants, the Schöneweide shopping center at Berlin-Köpenick is the district’s trading hub. Both customers and sellers, rely on the Center when it comes to doing business. Its operator, BNP Paribas Real Estate, relies on the Center Security solution made by Securitas.

The solution: Center Security Solutions

Based on a thorough analysis of the customer requirements, it became clear that the personnel costs had to be kept as low as possible. An optimum number of security guards improves the family shopping experience and reduces costs. This is where the security technology provided by Securitas comes in and is fully applied. From the visitor count and intrusion alarm system to emergency concepts and the provision of video material in HD quality – the customer can rely on Securitas' cutting-edge security technology. In addition, the installation is flexible and can be extended at any time.

The customer benefit: Safe shopping

Thanks to the Center Security Solution, Securitas can confidently intervene in cases of emergencies. Burglaries, vandalism and theft are reliably detected. At the same time, the costs for the Center Management remain calculable at all times. Thus, the management can concentrate more on customers and tenants, while Securitas organizes the installation, operation and maintenance as part of the integrated security solution.

The safe shopping experience increases sales and profit

"Our collaboration with Securitas started in 2005. Thanks to constant and comprehensive consulting, we currently opt for the technical equipment of the next generation. We are responsible for several million customers per year and for merchandise value of the same amount. Without the synergy between Center Management and Securitas, and without the experience and professionalism of the Securitas employees, this responsibility would be much more burdensome."

Stefan Kollar, BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management