Integrated security solution for Sanacorp

Sanacorp is a leading company in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector. Securitas integrated a security solution including technology, manpower and monitoring for the modern pharmaceutical logistics center in Potsdam.

The task: A high level of security at reduced costs

Over the past years, the high level of security required in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector led to considerable costs for personnel "round-the-clock" measures. An effective security concept, reducing these costs and ensuring reliability in planning for the company, was needed.

Integrated security solution for the logistics center in Potsdam

For more than a decade now, Securitas has been providing security services to the Sanacorp GmbH, and it keeps adapting its concept to fit any new circumstances. Securitas started with 24/7 guarding duties and courier services. Following an analysis of the current situation, the security services provider installed an Integrated Security Solution (ISL) – the all-in-one package including manpower, technology, service and investment under the responsibility of Securitas.

To this end, the security services provider established a modern video system and integrated the existing burglar and fire alarm systems. Video surveillance is connected to the Securitas monitoring center. In cases of alarm, alarm-response procedures are initiated by the employees.

Moreover, the service can be combined with incident-related, mobile patrol and courier services. On weekends, Securitas provides emergency services.

The customer benefit: Saving of costs

The security level has substantially increased for Sanacorp, while – thanks to technology – the expenditure for security was significantly reduced. The modern solution including manpower, technology and monitoring is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the requirements at any time.

Practical and reliable prevention of damage

"Security is of high significance in the pharmaceutical industry. We pay monthly installments for the Securitas all-in-one package; this solution does not entail any investment costs and ensures reliable protection. We save costs while offering our customers a comprehensive "round-the-clock" service."

Bärbel Bullert, Sanacorp

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