Hafen Rostock

Security Solution for the Rostock Port

Every year, more than 8,000 ferries, freight and cruise ships pass through the Warnow estuary just outside Rostock. On behalf of the Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock mbH, Securitas performs passenger and luggage screening, as well as access controls at the cruise port.

The task

More than 23 million tons of freight are handled at the seaport, and more than 500,000 travelers are handled at the cruise terminal. The operator of the seaport – the Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock mbH – entrusted Securitas with the handling of the cruise liners.

The solution

Securitas offered the port operator a security solution that combines qualified staff with security technology. Up to 40 trained Securitas employees ensure safety at Rostock port. Their tasks include development of hazard prevention plans, supervision of luggage and passenger screening at the cruise terminal, detection of dangerous or prohibited articles and substances, as well as access controls at gates and patrols in the area of the port and Check In. Securitas provides luggage screening equipment, as well as chemical and technical detection equipment. Fences, mechanical barriers and surveillance cameras support the security measures on the premises.

The customer's benefit: Qualified staff ensures safety

Specialists at Rostock port are trained in port security, radiation protection or vehicle controls. Besides this, ISPS exercises are conducted to provide our employees with practical knowledge about the cooperation of authorities, port operators and Securitas – also by using technology.

Smooth security arrangements for the port

"In view of the large number of sea travelers, port employees and vehicles for loading and unloading, security tasks must be performed smoothly. Thanks to the qualified staff and security technology provided by Securitas, we manage to ensure an efficient process while maintaining a high level of security," says the Port Security Division Manager.

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