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Office security at Raufeld Medien

Raufeld Medien takes care of the editing, layout and production of more than 30 newspapers and company magazines of renowned customers. When it comes to safety, the agency – located in the business park lofts – relies on Securitas.

The task

Securitas had already attracted positive attention in the past when its security staff managed to prevent a burglary in the neighborhood. This event increased the agency's wish for a reliable burglary protection service at the lofts of Raufeld Medien GmbH.

The solution: ISL Integrated Security Solution

Securitas presented a security concept for prevention that convinced the customer. In order to ensure optimal protection, the security service provider offered an all-in-one package including manpower, technology, service and investment under the responsibility of Securitas. Based on protection goals and customer requests, the security company designed a sophisticated security solution within a timeframe of two weeks. This comprises on one hand, alarm systems to secure the object and on the other hand, personal patrol services. The Integrated Security Solution combines burglar alarm systems with personnel services, such as the activation of alarm systems and closure inspections, thus allowing an optimal adjustment to the high level of security required at the creative studio.

Customer's benefit: A higher level of security

The open-plan lofts of Raufeld Medien are protected against unauthorized access, and Raufeld Medien feels safe. While Securitas employees ensure safety for the company, the agency can concentrate on its core competence.

A higher level of security increases creativity

"Securitas helped us to feel comfortable again; now, we know that our work is safe – even when we leave the office. We need to be sure that internal processes are not interrupted in order to be able to work under high time pressure," says Herr Jens Lohwieser, Managing Director of Raufeld Medien GmbH.

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