Security concept for the Oktoberfest in Munich

The Oktoberfest in Munich is one of the world’s top events in terms of visitor numbers, logistics and beer consumption. Together with the police and the regulatory agency, Securitas ensured the safety of the entire festival area.

The task

In previous years, Securitas had already been entrusted with the protection of the famous festival tent "Schottenhamel". In 2014, the safeguarding of the entire festival area was added. The protection of this event – the world's largest Volksfest (fair for public entertainment) with an estimated 6.3 million guests – was a big contract, which had to be planned in great detail.

The solution

Besides the use of technology, the security solution comprises a logistically sophisticated concept including a clear division of tasks. Even prior to the start of the Wiesn, Securitas employees meticulously planned every step, thus providing the basis for a safe and smooth course of events. In mid-June, much effort was required to complete the construction and preparatory works on the Theresienwiese. There was not much time between contract approval and execution: A container village with beds and sanitary facilities was built for accommodating the security specialists; moreover, a digital radio network was established for ensuring permanent and trouble-free contact with police and the Bayerische Rote Kreuz (BRK, Bavarian Red Cross). At Securitas' operations center, radio communication was controlled. At the beginning of each shift up to 130 colleagues were assigned to their respective jobs. Guards protected the external area. At the various access roads, emergency escape routes and visitors' entrances, security officers performed access control using remote-controlled bollards. At the exits of the festival area, attentive security guards asked the souvenir hunters to hand over their beer mugs. In 2014, these amounted to approximately 112,000. At night, trucks unload their deliveries for showmen and festival tents. While mobile security officers controlled the closed tents of the landlords, the employees of the Münchner U-Bahnbewachungsgesellschaft (MUG, Munich underground security company) ensured smooth handling of the rail passengers.

The customer's benefit: Cost-effective and safe

By combining technology and personnel security services, Securitas – together with the police, the regulatory agency and the Bayerische Roten Kreuz (BRK) – guaranteed a high level of security, whilst maintaining costs. Stewards and mobile patrol security officers quickly arrived on the scene when needed.

A professional cooperation of versatile security services

"The professionalism in drafting and implementing the security concept for the event showed us the great variety of the security services offered by Securitas. Apart from providing classical event and hostess services, parking lot management, rail passenger handling as well as access control services, Securitas also established an operations center with a radio network. Securitas thus ensured good cooperation between police, authorities, the BRK and security officers"

Hans Spindler, Bavarian capital Munich