Hamburger Hochbahn

Hamburger Hochbahn takes benefit from qualified security specialists

With about 4,800 employees and 1.2 million passengers per day, the Hamburg HOCHBAHN is the second largest local transportation company in Germany. Securitas provides qualified security specialists for ticket inspection and passenger services.

The task

The protection of passengers and employees, the protection of facilities and vehicles, as well as ticket inspection are among the most important security services. Securitas managed to convince the Hamburger Hochbahn-Wache (HHW) by providing qualified staff.

The solution

The core element of the HHW security concept und the service of ticket inspection is the flexible and location-oriented deployment of qualified staff. In collaboration with their HHW colleagues, the Securitas specialists ensure safety and order in the HOCHBAHN network every day.
In order to be able to fulfill this task, all employees undergo vocational training before they perform any patrol duties or ticket inspection services. Some employees undergo additional specialized training to become video observers, operators at the monitoring center, dog handlers or first responders.

Security technology provides additional protection for passengers and facilities. This includes video surveillance of stations and means of transportation, emergency call services and the maintenance of emergency aid facilities, as well as the analysis of security-relevant information about standardized situation reports. All this is supported by a close cooperation with the security authorities and other transportation companies.

Customer's benefit: A safe transportation company – thanks to qualified staff

For 25 years now, Securitas has been helping the HHW to ensure safety for their passengers and to protect their domiciliary rights. A decrease in the number of offenses – despite a constant increase in passenger numbers – confirms the success of this cooperation.

Travelling safe

"Without the efforts of the colleagues, the HOCHBAHN (also in the eyes of our passengers) wouldn't be what it is today: a safe, clean and friendly transportation company." This is how Arndt Malyska, HHW Managing Director, describes the trustful cooperation.