Hamburg Cruise Center

Port Security at Hamburg Cruise Center

Every year, more than 150 cruise liners call at Hamburg harbor. Depending on the size of the ships and the number of passengers, up to 25 Securitas employees ensure a smooth boarding of the passengers at the Hamburg Cruise Center I + II.

The task

A long-term cooperation between Securitas and the operator of the cruise terminal – as well as the customized service package are crucial factors that ensure safe handling of cruise liners at the terminals in HafenCity and Altona.

The solution

Securitas offers a security solution that combines staff with security technology. In preparation for their work at the Hamburg Cruise Center, specialists are trained in port security, and – depending on their tasks – in further areas such as the operation of baggage screening equipment and hand sensors, all in accordance with the ISPS standard.

Ever-changing and increasing demands regarding harbor security constantly create new challenges for Securitas employees who are responsible for the protection of front areas and terminals. In this regard, the security service provider benefits from the operator's know-how, as well as from the cooperation with the Hamburg Dienstaufsichtsbehörde (DA, supervising authority), the Hamburg water police, Hamburg harbor customs and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

Our trained employees are supported by technical equipment that complies with the ISPS standard, e.g. by baggage screening equipment, metal detectors or hand sensors.

Customer's benefit: One single supplier for all security matters

One single contact at Securitas handles all security matters at Hamburg harbor. Securitas is responsible for technical maintenance or possibly necessary new acquisitions of technical equipment. As a general rule: If security problems arise, Securitas is the first point of contact that takes care of a solution.

All-in-one solution

The operator of the Hamburg Cruise Center says: "Securitas provides the security technology and the all of the staff – from the officer-in-charge and technology operators to security staff and service employees. Thus, our responsibility for protecting the terminal is in very good hands."

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