Revierfahrer des Securitas Sicherheitsdienstes beim Gewerbeflächenvermieter GSG

The all-in-one package for the business park landlord GSG

With approx. 850,000 m2, the Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft (GSG) is one of the leading providers of office and commercial spaces in Berlin. Securitas convinced the GSG by presenting an innovative concept of staff, technology and monitoring – which even helps the customer to save money.

The task

Securitas won the tender by offering an all-in-one package including manpower, technology, service and investment on its own responsibility. As a new concept for the GSG, the security company was supposed to combine technology use with workforce and a central control via the monitoring center.

The solution: The all-in-one package

Based on a thorough analysis, the security solution has been precisely tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Ultra-modern technology is used here: Remote Video Solutions for virtual remote controls, gate and barrier control, VoIP (intercom systems, telephones), parking lot management including technology for pedestrian and vehicle access control, as well as the monitoring of server rooms and fire detection technology. Trouble reports are processed in a central monitoring center. In case of need, an employee of the monitoring center sends out an alarm response officer to the scene of action, thus ensuring quick intervention. Unnecessary patrols can thus be avoided.

The customer benefit: Profitable & safe

The economic interplay between staff, technology and video surveillance is very flexible and can be extended at any time. This ensures reliability in planning for the GSG. Whereas, previously, the property management company was confronted with rising staff costs, the integration of technology via a central monitoring center offered cost savings in the area of security.

This third contract renewal shows how satisfied the company is. Moreover, the success of the concept is confirmed by the gradual integration of further locations into the monitoring center and the technical upgrade with further video solutions.

Securitas' one-stop strategy

"The key factors that influenced our decision to continue on this path together with Securitas were budget security, possible cost savings and flexibility with regard to the service scope. Not only have we been able to keep our budget at a constant level during the past 4 years, but we have also achieved a much higher level of security by incorporating technology."

Sebastian Blecke, GSG