DZ BANK: Video surveillance and qualified security staff

As Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, the DZ BANK – based in Frankfurt am Main – is responsible for more than 900 cooperative credit associations. Since 1991, Securitas has been protecting the various buildings of the DZ BANK using security technology and qualified staff.

The task: Consulting, concept and implementation

Trust and corporate security are of high importance to the DZ BANK. Securitas provides advice to the customers on all security issues, especially at the Frankfurt, Berlin, Hanover and Munich sites. In recent years, the interface between personnel security services and security technology was optimized on the basis of proposals made by Securitas.

The solution: The combination of personnel and technical services creates trust

First of all, Securitas analyzed the security risks, as well as the video and hazard management systems of the customer and developed a new concept. A video security network (integrated into the infrastructure, but still self-sufficient), which complies with the data-protection guidelines and future-proof technical standards, was implemented and further refined during several adjustment phases. Apart from state-of-the-art hardware, cutting-edge analysis software is used.

A qualified security team with a 24/7 presence on-site enables fast emergency response actions and ensures safety. In addition to protecting the buildings and providing reception and monitoring staff, Securitas patrols the area – if required, also with dog handlers. The employees at the monitoring center are certified safety and security specialists who have completed a qualified fire-fighting and paramedic training. Further services include parking lot management, access controls and the nationwide management of the ID card system. Moreover, the occupational safety specialist and the fire protection officer at the Frankfurt site, as well as the security and service staff for event management are provided by Securitas.

The customer benefit: One contact for competence in security

The DZ BANK benefits from the broad range of services offered by Securitas, including locally operating management teams and a nationwide contact for security matters. Securitas takes care of all security matters – from the development of solutions and staff supply to the maintenance and repair of technology.

Focus on quality

"To have a competent contact for security matters makes communication much easier. If we have any concern – one call is enough. We very much appreciate Securitas' high quality standards and pro-active approach."

Achim Kriegseis, DZ BANK

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