Boote Pfister

Boote Pfister benefits from video surveillance

Boote Pfister GmbH is one of the largest motor boat dealers in South Germany. Whereas initially, the sales area was secured with Securitas mobile patrol services, today IP video cameras are used for supervision via the emergency call and monitoring center.

The task

Boote Pfister displays 150 boats on an indoor and outdoor sales area in Schwebheim. The valuable goods and outboard boat motors made the area very attractive to thieves. Irregular patrolling was insufficient to effectively prevent theft. The company needed an around the clock protection.

The solution: Perimeter protection by video surveillance

Securitas offered the customer a 24/7 medium-sized video surveillance solution. Day and night, nine IP video cameras secure an exhibition area of more than 17,000-square-meters as well as 4,000 square meters of hall space. The Engineering department of Securitas took over all necessary work including the conception, design, installation; maintenance and repair work on the system. Thermal cameras provide good visibility during the night and adjustable zoom cameras a good vision during the day. Cameras are equipped with video analysis software to examine the site for unforeseen events. In case of an incident, the system transmits an alarm to the monitoring center of Securitas. Employees check the alarm and initiate emergency intervention. Additionally, you can appeal directly to the offender over a PA system and ask to leave the premises. In general, this direct approach leads to the termination of an attempted theft.

Customer benefit: Around the clock security

Now, the sales area is monitored 24/7. This deters thieves. Should however, occur an incident, an employee of the security service provider - Securitas - will be quickly on site.

Theft prevented

"Previously, Securitas secured us by irregular patrolling services. Since April 2014, we are protected by video surveillance 24/7. The video surveillance system for perimeter protection has already proven itself. A theft attempt has been prevented. As the perpetrators attempted break in, police and Securitas were quickly on the scene to intervene."

Joachim Pfister, CEO Boote Pfister GmbH

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