Securitas security Denmark

Video surveillance of scrap metal

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

At the Hamburg site of the TSR Group, Securitas has introduced a new video surveillance solution. Here, the TSR stores and recycles metals of particularly high value which require a high level of security. The IP video cameras – enabling remote monitoring – are supplemented by Securitas’ mobile patrol services. Together, they ensure higher safety.

Securitas' remote video surveillance, also called Remote Video Solutions (RVS), is a video-based security service. Depending on visibility, the security service provider chooses from a range of ultra-modern IP cameras. This is based on an intelligent analysis software, which automatically detects movements and transmits an alarm to the monitoring center in case of unauthorized access. The possibility to address intruders via loudspeaker supports theft prevention. If an alarm signal is received, operators at the monitoring center verify this alarm and, in case of need, can promptly send police or security officers to the crime scene.

Metals, as recycled by the TSR, are especially popular among thieves. Currently, clean copper fetches a market price of 4.30 EUR per kilogram. Copper cables are frequently stolen from construction sites or recycling centers and sold the next day. In order to provide better protection against looters, Securitas introduced an audiovisual remote surveillance system at the Hamburg and Bremen sites of the TSR Group. In addition to a large selection of different cameras, infrared searchlights and a video analysis plug-in searching the premises for suspects, company premises are patrolled by mobile security officers. The combination of personnel security services, security technology and the surveillance performed at the monitoring center enables a 24/7 presence, thus effectively enhancing safety at the metal recycling company.

One core service offered is remote access control. "Besides the video surveillance system, this can be combined with card readers, intercom systems, bells, license plate recognition and induction loops," says René Helbig, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Securitas Deutschland. "Via an intercom system, operators at the monitoring center address those who want to access the premises. They give authorization for opening and closing doors, and they can identify (un)authorized persons. With this scalable security solution, Securitas offers inexpensive around-the-clock protection."