The Securitas Security Day demonstrates technical solutions and fire brigade

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The second part of the Securitas Security Day 2018 brought around 250 visitors to Bitterfeld. Security experts and clients from commerce, industry and trade, as well as representatives from politics, local authorities and scientific institutions were able to have a close look at the latest innovations in the sector, as well as observe three real exercises undertaken by Securitas’ company fire brigade at Bitterfeld Chemical Park. On the evening preceding the Securitas Security Day, whose slogan was ‘360 degrees, 24 hours. Rethinking Security’, around 150 guests had already travelled to Leipzig.

The day in Bitterfeld focused on the fire brigade and training. Furthermore, on the Friday, the guests learned all about modern security solutions in the accompanying exhibition. These included the Securitas firefighting drone, the MobileCam and remote video monitoring systems. Our partners at the Fraunhofer Institut FKIE (Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomy) and Axis Communications demonstrated their expertise. The latest cohort of trainees from the company fire brigade at Bitterfeld, who begin their examinations this week, took part in an exercise in which they extinguished a burning vehicle and rescued people from a vehicle that had been involved in a collision. Some heavy equipment was put to use in the company's grounds! Since spring 2017, Securitas has been training firefighters in partnership with the professional fire brigades in the cities of Halle and Göttingen.

Manfred Buhl, CEO of Securitas Deutschland, opened the security day and explained Securitas' strategy. He explained how digitalisation had long since reached the security industry: "We find ourselves in the midst of a great transformation process. Securitas is in the process of rigorously eliminating the incident book once and for all, instead gathering and analysing data electronically."

Thomas Ryberg, president of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, emphasised the group's Swedish roots and explained that in Sweden, Securitas has long been synonymous with security.

Alf Göransson, who until the first week of March 2018 led the Securitas group, which operates worldwide and has its headquarters in Stockholm, talked about the group's vision: Security systems which prevent crimes and damage before they even have a chance to occur.

Jörg Ziercke, former president of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (DKA), warned of a possible further escalation of terror and pleaded for a strategic partnership between the police and private security. A situation has arisen the likes of which have not been seen until now.

Jens Müller, COO of Securitas Deutschland, gave an account of the partnership with Daimler AG. Upon passing their state examinations, a large proportion of the firefighters currently undergoing their training in Bitterfeld will be deployed at the car manufacturer's Immendingen site. As part of the security day, the prospective firefighters demonstrated their abilities in suitably impressive and professional style in exercises on the company grounds.

Gustav Hoge, head of security for Daimler AG in Germany, presented Daimler AG's impressive new test and technology centre in Immendingen, which should be completed by the end of the year. A new deployment site for the Securitas firefighters.

Raimund Bücher, chairman of the WFV-D, the German Federal Association of Works Fire Brigades, explained the challenges facing works fire brigades in Germany, as well as their vision. According to Bücher, personnel remain the key to success.

Stefan Truthhän, managing director of hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz (Engineers for Fire Prevention) sketched out some future scenarios for successful fire prevention. For example, digital fire prevention and fire extinguishing exercises even before a building has been built. Weak spots can therefore be identified and remedied even during the planning stage.

At the security day, Frank Busch, head of corporate security at Continental AG, expressed the concern that in future, especially in rural areas, there may not be enough capacity available for preventative measures.

Axel Leyendecker, managing director of Securitas Fire Control, reported on the work of Securitas company fire brigades, the challenges they face and the application of firefighting innovations. Some of these were demonstrated at the Securitas Security Day 2018 in Bitterfeld, for example the firefighting drone and a first responder.

The Securitas Security Day in Leipzig and Bitterfeld closed with a summary from Manfred Buhl. He made some forecasts on the development of the security industry, and remains convinced that Securitas' chosen strategy of more technologically aided security solutions is the correct path to take. A holistic consideration of client needs is essential.