Great response to Securitas’ renowned Sicherheitstag (Security Day)

Monday, May 19, 2014

In Berlin, 200 security experts came together to participate in the Securitas Security Day. At the new headquarters of the market leader, high-ranking speakers delivered their speeches on the topic of security – from the perspective of politics and authorities, research and technology. In the afternoon, the presenter Rudi Cerne presented three cases from the practice of corporate security, which have been successfully solved.

Alf Göransson, CEO Securitas AB, and the Swedish ambassador Staffan Carlsson welcomed the guests and congratulated Securitas on the new building. The headquarters, located at Potsdamer Strasse, have been completely rebuilt and equipped with a cutting-edge video monitoring center – within just 15 months upon request by the company. As an introduction to the topic of the event, Göransson reported on the paradigm shift in the security industry, characterized by a conversion of the formerly staff-based security service into complex technology-based solution concepts.

Dr. Günter Krings, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Interior, addressed the question of how security risks change within society. "What can and must be done by the state to ensure the citizens' safety?" That was the central question. He appreciated the work of the private security service providers and encouraged the introduction of the certification procedure proposed by the Conference of the Minister of the Interior.

Jörg Ziercke, President of the BKA (Federal Office of Criminal Investigation), reported on the current challenges associated with the security situation, which mainly arise from the international interconnectedness of the digital society. Examples of combating terrorism, economic espionage and cyber-crime illustrate the increasingly tough challenges faced by the state and by companies.

Klaus Kandt, Berlin Chief of Police addressed the 'interfaces' between state security forces and private security service providers. Especially in the field of aviation, at major events, in public spaces and as part of the prevention work "cooperation models are no longer a novelty, but lived by practical experience."

Bernhard Schuster, Managing Director of Bosch Sicherheitssysteme, considered the possible applications and additional value of modern IP video technology, and he explained the challenges of the technological development with regard to data transfer and storage capacity.

Dr. Andreas Meissner, Head of Business Development, Security of the Fraunhofer Institute, presented the latest security research projects in the areas of sensor technology and biometrics, and he explained future analysis options. As regardsintelligent video technology, he advocated and confirmed that research should be geared towards developing systems that are compliant with data protection requirements.

Frank Rieger, Speaker of the Chaos Computer Club, broadened the perspective on the topic of security in the light of the NSA affair and thoroughly addressed the following question: "How safe is our society actually?"

In the afternoon, visitors gained an insight into security concepts of the future, closely based on practical experience. Three selected Securitas customers – Autohaus Babelsberg, Zentrum Schöneweide and GSG Immobilien – provided fascinating insights into their security concepts and reported on the successful prevention and solving of relevant security incidents. The central theme of these cases was the convincing statement: "Kosten runter, Sicherheit rauf" – "Reducing costs, increasing security"! Thanks to integrated security solutions, Securitas – in all three cases – succeeded in raising the security level by using cutting-edge video technology, while at the same time keeping – or even reducing – the budget. "Today, the customers rightly expect such concepts from their security partner," Jens Müller, COO, and René Helbig, CTO, of Securitas sum up the case studies. "We are proud to have jointly implemented these successful solutions."

Manfred Buhl, CEO Securitas Deutschland, as host, regarded the Security Day as a major success and as a confirmation of Securitas' corporate strategy. The current challenges in the security industry arising from increasing wage costs, limited budgets, increasing crime rate, demographic change and technological development, require a "rethinking from the man-hour-based market to solution concepts and this without alternatives".