Securitas successfully concludes Oktoberfest assignment 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Munich. “A sichere Wiesn“ (a safe Wiesn festival) – that was Securitas’ guiding principle and goal for the Oktoberfest 2018. “In good cooperation with the organizer, the city, the police and other partners we were able to meet our expectations,” said Werner Landstorfer, Managing Director of Securitas Bayern, at the end of the Wiesn. “My special thanks go to the numerous employees who, with their tireless commitment, have contributed to making this a safe and peaceful Wiesn. We are proud of our security officers, no matter in which function they were deployed: They all did an excellent job!”

During the 16 Oktoberfest days, Securitas deployed a total of around 1,200 security officers. The contract also included safeguarding on the construction and dismantling days, so that even after the official "Aus is" (it's over) at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, it was not yet the end of the shift for all security officers, and "Dienst auf der Theresienwiese" (service on Theresienwiese) was still on the agenda at the beginning of this week.

„From Securitas's point of view, it was a very successful event," said Manfred Buhl, CEO of Securitas Deutschland. According to first estimates, this year the number of guests has risen by around 100,000 to 6.3 million, while the number of crimes registered by the police has fallen. "Even if every crime is one too many, the decreasing tendency should encourage us in our work," analyzed Landstorfer. Despite the increased number of guests there were hardly any problems with bag controls. "Most of the festival visitors know about the controls, they don't even bring large bags or backpacks with them and when they present the smaller bags to our staff these bags are already open for inspection," said Landstorfer. "This willingness to cooperate on the part of the guests has contributed enormously to an almost smooth admission."

In April 2018, the Bavarian capital of Munich awarded the security contract for the Oktoberfest 2018 to the Securitas GmbH Sicherheitsdienste, Munich. The contract relates to the safeguarding of the Wiesn festival site, including the "Oidn Wiesn". In the city's preliminary final report for the Oktoberfest a positive conclusion was drawn: „Overall, the festival management, showmen, market traders and hosts are satisfied with the course of the Wiesn. The safety measures that have been constantly optimized over the last few years are working well and are "lived". By now, the guests have become used to visiting the Wiesn without any large items of luggage, i.e. without "heavy load". The constant friendliness and helpfulness of the guards were praised by all parties."

For the Munich Oktoberfest 2018, Securitas used its nationwide presence in Germany to support the Bavarian subsidiary during this period by providing experienced security staff from other German federal states: Employees from Berlin to Baden-Württemberg, from Saarland to Saxony, from Hamburg to Hesse were sent to Munich. Around 400 hotel rooms were reserved for them near the festival area. From there, there was a regular bus shuttle to the Theresienwiese site for approx. 20 days. The local catering team was prepared to serve a total of around 25,000 meals. More than 200 smartphones and 75 radios were distributed. Six bodycams were used in a pilot project. On weekends, on the Day of German Unity and on the day of a Champions League match in Munich, an especially high number of Securitas employees were deployed at the Wiesn 2018.