Videofernüberwachung in der RVS Zentrale

Remote Video Surveillance prevents heavy boat theft

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On Tuesday night, September 16 2014, two unknown people attempted theft at motor boat dealer “Boote Pfister” in Schwebheim in Southern Germany. However, Securitas installed a remote video surveillance system, recently that prevented serious theft.

Thefts of boats and its equipment are increasing, especially popular are outboard motors. Boote Pfister GmbH, one of the largest motor boat dealers in South Germany, was often targeted by the perpetrators. Originally, the dealer secured its sales area by mobile security services. Several times a day, patrols checked the premises for unforeseen events. This protection was inadequate. But around the clock guarding by several employees of the security service would have been too costly. Only in the spring of this year, Boote Pfister opted for the 24/7 remote video surveillance of Securitas.

Various IP video cameras with thermal imaging systems, a 360-Degree – panoramic view and built-in analysis function monitor 17,000 square meters of exhibition area as well as 4,000 square meters of floor area, day and night. The analysis function of the cameras detects suspicious events and transmits an alarm to the emergency call and monitoring center of Securitas. On 09/16/2014 such an alarm was received by the security service provider. The firm responded adhoc by informing the police and despatched mobile security services of Securitas to intervene. At the same time, an employee appealed to the offender over a PA system and asked to leave the premises. Police was very quickly on scene and pursued the perpetrators.

"Choosing Video surveillance from within the monitoring center for perimeter protection is the best security solution for us." said Joachim Pfister, CEO of Boote Pfister GmbH. "We are pleased to have made the right decision by choosing video surveillance for perimeter protection. Without the video-based perimeter protection we would have risked a serious theft."