Video Surveillance as a Service

Pleasant forecast for the Securitas cloud

Monday, July 21, 2014

Securitas expands its portfolio to include cloud-based managed video Services (Video Surveillance as a Service, VSaaS) in Germany. The competence partner for security offers its customers a wide range of services within remote Video surveillance (RVS - Remote Video Solutions). Customers save additional costs for new investments and benefit from higher safety standards. They can optimize their operational efficiency while, at the same time, reduce efforts and costs. As a result, the profitability increases. Moreover, customers benefit from the knowledge and competence of the experienced Securitas specialists.

Video recordings of customers are stored in the Securitas-owned German cloud. This is a unique selling proposition. "In Germany, cloud computing grows rapidly by approximately thirty five percent per year. According to experts, German cloud providers have a locational advantage if they meet the customer wish for high safety standards," says the VDI Verlag on, Germany's opinion-forming weekly newspaper for technology, economy and society. What differentiates the cloud infrastructure of the German Securitas cloud from previous solutions is the "Made in Germany" character. Currently, the market is dominated by solutions from overseas. Data which are stored there are not subject to the strict data protection rules applicable in Germany. In many cases, the storage location of the outsourced data cannot be proven, clearly.

Securitas as one of the pioneering companies in the security industry knows the concerns of its customers. "Where do you store our data? What happens to the recordings? These are some of the standard questions asked by our customers," comments Joachim Hild, manager of the Remote Video Solutions product line at Securitas Technical Solutions in Germany. "It is of great importance to most companies located here that their data are stored and processed in Germany," says René Helbig, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at the Securitas Holding GmbH. "Customers that use our security package of audio-visual remote surveillance increase their competitiveness. They supplement their existing infrastructure by an additional package offering anticipatory and comprehensive security."

Thus, customers get enhanced safety without making additional investments in expensive security technology, system administration or personnel security services.