Securitas further expands its market leadership

Monday, October 23, 2017

Securitas is still clearly topping the list of leading security service providers in Germany. This has been revealed by the recently published Lünendonk list, in which Securitas ranks first – well-ahead of the second-placed competitor. In the past year, Securitas created approx. 1000 new jobs.

For the reporting year 2016, the Securitas Holding GmbH ranks number one in the "Lünendonk-Liste 2017: Führende Sicherheitsdienstleister in Deutschland", with sales of approx. 800 million euros and 20,500 employees. In the preceding year, the company had generated sales in the amount of 720 million euros. The gap between Securitas and the second-placed competitor, who reported "sales in the field of security in Germany" of approx. 457 million euros for the year 2016, has significantly increased.

"The year 2016 was again a good business year for us – in terms of sales even another record year; and if we make an effort, there will be a chance for further improvement in 2017," said Manfred Buhl, CEO Securitas Deutschland, after the publication of the latest Lünendonk figures. He pointed out, however, that the use of subcontractors (as is often the case in this sector) may distort the statistics and that sales may have been included in the figures more than once. Growth comparisons – on a percentage basis – of total market versus individual companies are thus to be treated with caution. "The Lünendonk list confirms our strategy and important market trends; as top security service provider, we will consistently continue to offer security solutions that combine the human factor and the technology factor in an efficient way," adds Buhl. Correspondingly, Lünendonk identified "a stronger demand for integrated security solutions combining personnel services and technology" as a „decisive factor" for industry growth in 2016.

The current Lünendonk list is available at, the related study will be published in November 2017.