Increased security for companies

Friday, May 2, 2014

Securitas has expanded its portfolio to include tailor-made solutions of remote video surveillance (RVS- Remote Video Solutions). Securitas’ new service combines the use of video cameras, network technologies und analysis software with monitoring and personnel security services. Highly sensitive vehicle and pedestrian access situations inside and outside buildings, as well as perimeter protection can be monitored in a cost-effective way. Thus, greater security can be provided to clients from industrial, trading/commercial, real estate, banking and logistics sectors.

Increasing security, saving costs

Based on the security scan, Securitas develops tailor-made complete solutions of audio-visual remote surveillance that fit the individual needs of the customers. To this end, identification and surveillance zones are defined. Depending on requirements, protection goals and budget, the security solution is adapted to the specific needs of the respective customer. The user saves new investment costs, because Securitas offers a complete solution – comprising investment, installation, maintenance, security staff and remote surveillance by a monitoring center – at a monthly fee.

In order to ensure optimal security, personnel security services are supplemented by IP cameras incl. video analysis software, e.g. during the weekend or at night. Thanks to functions that detect motions – such as intrusion, strikingly long lingering and attempted manipulation – the causes of the alarms, and even false alarms, can be identified at an early stage, intruders can be visually pursued and offenders can be identified more quickly. If the analysis software detects suspicious circumstances, a Securitas monitoring center in Berlin or Mannheim is automatically alerted. The operator then examines the type of the alarm, and, if needed, he sends out patrol officers. In addition, potential offenders are addressed via an audio function, in order to e.g. to disturb the intruders or prevent vandalism. Thus, protection can be provided to company premises, real estate, commercial / storage space, and persons; moreover, incidents can be documented.

René Helbig, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Securitas Holding GmbH, describes the development as a milestone for the customers because "Securitas offers individual services at the highest possible level of security. Accordingly, also the security technology shall meet clients' demands. We offer a range of cutting-edge IP cameras, network technologies and analysis software products of renowned suppliers that support every aspect of this philosophy. Thus, we can provide a great variety of possible solutions for any imaginable situation, while our technology is always up-to-date – thanks to various suppliers."