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GSG and Securitas reach a milestone

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The business park landlord (GSG), one of the leading providers of office and commercial spaces in Berlin, reliably launched the expanded Securitas security solution of video surveillance. With the one-stop strategy, GSG and its security partner Securitas reached another milestone in the expansion of the security concept. The property specialist managed to reduce the employment of staff – and thus the costs in the field of security – by 50 percent.

A monitoring center for decentralized Tasks

In order to meet the demands associated with the steering and surveillance of decentralized sites, Securitas established its own security control center. From this center, qualified and specially trained experts attend to incoming alarm messages 24 hours a day and ensure safety for the company. Only in case of need, a patrol officer on site intervenes quickly. Via the monitoring center, virtual remote patrols can be performed. By means of remote communication, the security officer grants access to tenants and suppliers via entry/exit management. Parking lot management as well as the monitoring of server rooms and fire detection technology can also be carried out remotely.

Over several stages and years, the security company steadily expanded the use of technology at GSG sites. The investment costs were borne by the security service provider. Thus, the property specialist was able to reduce the employment of staff and, consequently, the associated costs. "Via the VoIP intercom systems at all locations, any cases of need or incidents can be processed in a centralized way. In the past, a great number of doormen had to be employed for access controls," says Sebastian Blecke, Operative Managing Director of the GSG. "Now, the IP cameras can be used to control the premises from a remote location and to deter thieves. We managed to reduce our security costs considerably. In addition, the solution can be expanded to include other areas."

With approx. 850,000 m² at more than 40 locations in Berlin, GSG is a leading provider of production and office spaces, as well as of warehouses and workshops. Approx. 1600 small and medium-sized companies with ca. 15,000 employees operate on areas of 20 -20,000 m². For several locations, Securitas developed an all-in-one security concept including staff employment, integrated technology and a monitoring center.

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