Schlüsselübergabe Elektrofahrzeuge

[ui!] the urban institute® hands over electric vehicles to Securitas

Monday, March 17, 2014

As part of the project “eFahrung: Unternehmensübergreifende Nutzung von E-Fahrzeugen in Unternehmensflotten” (eFahrung: cross-company use of electric vehicles in company fleets), the first three electric vehicles will be included in a company fleet as of 17 March.

Tino Baumann, Managing Director of [ui!], will hand over the keys for three Renault ZOEs to Jerôme Johl, Managing Director of Securitas Alert Services, at the new Securitas headquarters, Potsdamer Str. 88, 10785 Berlin. "We are very happy to have found – in Securitas – a vehicle fleet with major presence in Berlin for our project," says Baumann.

"It is important to Securitas to integrate electric mobility in our company as part of a modern future-oriented urban mobility" – this is how Johl explains his motivation to participate in the project as a test user. The research project "eFahrung" is trying out a business model for the joint, cross-fleet use of electric vehicles in company fleets in Berlin-Brandenburg. The goal is to develop a software infrastructure for the cross-fleet optimization of the exploitation of vehicles and the integration of services for fleet operators.

Jörg Welke, Head of the Berliner Agentur für Elektromobilität eMO (Berlin Agency for electric mobility eMO) which coordinates the Schaufenster Elektromobilität (showcase electric mobility) supports this approach: "The use of electric vehicles in fleets is an important step to prove the suitability of electric cars for daily use and to prepare them for the mass market. Berlin is a lab of electric mobility where innovative ideas can be developed, taken to the market launch stage and finally be applied. By 2020, we want to be a worldwide role model for electric mobility."

"Our 'eFahrung' project offers a test platform for company fleets where experiences regarding acceptance criteria, reliability and attractiveness can be gained – while at the same time guaranteeing cost-effective action," says Prof. Dr. Dr. e.h. Lutz Heuser, Chief Technology Officer of [ui!]. Thus, fleet operators in Berlin have an economically very attractive opportunity to gain experiences in the field of electric mobility within their fleets.

Securitas will use the three electric vehicles for alarm-response services in the city zone. "We have a group-wide CO² guideline and explore any option of trendsetting, environmentally-friendly technologies," Johl explains. "However, we are also interested in the economic efficiency of electric vehicles – because in view of a fleet with 1.200 vehicles, with 35 million kilometers mileage per year, the eagerly awaited research result may open up new perspectives. Reliability and practicability are top priorities here."