Securitas DIN-certified nationwide

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Throughout Germany, Securitas is certified according to the latest DIN 77200. All seven regional Securitas companies in Germany and the holding company have been tested according to the new standard.

The current version of the professional standard for security services has been the only valid standard for security services in Germany since November 2018. Throughout Germany, Securitas can provide evidence of this certification and deliver services in accordance with the high requirements of the new standard. On the demand side, the certification brings the advantages of more transparency and quality in the market. Thus, comparability of competitors and quality criteria becomes much easier.

The new DIN 77200:2017-11 certification replaces the 2008 version. The new standard defines stationary (alarm, reception and control services) and mobile (control, beat patrol or intervention services) security services as well as event services as areas of application. Executives must be able to prove that they have completed their training or that they have worked in the relevant field for many years. Regulations concerning quality and risk management as well as the qualification of employees and occupational safety must be implemented. "The new standard places far-reaching demands on the qualification of the staff and the organization, as well as on the quality of the work processes of the certified security service provider. We are proud that all our regional companies in Germany meet these high demands and that we – as one of the first companies in Germany – can thus objectively prove our position as a quality provider," said Sven Middelhauve, Head of Law, Risk and Quality Management Securitas.

During the audits, the auditors had established a positive impression of the entire business organization. In general, the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH said:

"Through certification in accordance with DIN 77200, the security company provides evidence that it is able to offer, design and render stationary and mobile security services in a professionally qualified manner and in compliance with the standard requirements."

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