Cooperation between Securitas and the Federation of German Police Officers

Monday, December 14, 2015

Agreed cooperation between the academies in the field of basic and advanced training.

In future, the Kripo Akademie, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federation of German Police Officers (BDK, Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter), and the Akademie of the Securitas Group in Germany will work together on a project basis. By resolution of the BDK Federal Board and the Management of the Securitas Holding GmbH, the cooperation between the academies was placed on a broad basis. The common goal is the exchange of expertise to improve the collaboration between the police and the security companies and to increase professional quality, thus making a significant contribution to effective crime prevention. To this end, there are plans for seminars, the mutual exchange of lecturers and the exchange of special training and information material.

"The cooperation between these two academies opens up new opportunities for us. Both in the public and private sector, we need colleagues with the right know-how and the firm intention to learn more from each other. Quality is an indispensable component of professional success, as well as an essential factor for increasing the security level," said Manfred Buhl, CEO Securitas Deutschland.

For years, private security companies have been professional and constructive partners of the police. By now, they have become indispensable in protecting large-scale sporting events, critical infrastructures, public passenger transport, as well as in providing aviation security, and property and personal protection.

"Moreover, the 'Ständige Konferenz der Innenminister und -senatoren der Länder' (Standing Conference of the Interior Ministers and Senators of the Länder) made it clear in its 'Programm Innere Sicherheit' (program internal security) that private security service providers are an integral part of the security architecture in Germany. In order to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of private security measures, however, unified standards and the certification of private security service providers need to be regulated in a binding way. In future, the responsibility for this shall be assumed by the Interior Ministers. So far, this has been the responsibility of the economics ministers," says André Schulz, Federal Chairman of the BDK. "It is not only in the field of aviation that the partnership-based cooperation between the police and private security companies has basically proven to be successful, thus allowing the police to concentrate on its core tasks."

In the future, this cooperation will enable Securitas executives to participate in advanced training courses offered by the Kripo Akademie more easily. At the same time, BDK members can attend relevant meetings or events of the Securitas Akademie. Moreover, there are plans for a regular exchange of information about the course contents of the two academies and about the assessment of the current security and threat situations.

The Kripo Akademie is a non-profit organization and promotes vocational training, crime prevention, as well as science and research. The Securitas Akademie is dedicated to the same topics and offers – for example – a broad range of advanced training and management development measures. Securitas' starting point for the cooperation is the Aviation segment, with a presence at almost all important German airports. Step by step, further Securitas business segments will get involved.