Securitas Deutschland as “Ready Business” at the CeBIT

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Security services 2.0 – Securitas presents its “Remote Video Solutions” (RVS) at the CeBIT booth of Vodafone Deutschland. The security specialist Shows how “datability” – the responsible and intelligent use of vast amounts of data – is already put into practice. At the booth of the telecommunication provider, the expert audience can see live how the audio-visual remote surveillance provided by Securitas works.

"In the security industry, video monitoring is an important issue for the future. This leads to special demands regarding the transmission lines and IT infrastructure," says Antonio Valls Ruiz, head of IT at Securitas Deutschland. The transmission of live video alarm images to the monitoring center poses a greater technological challenge than a traditional alarm message. At the Vodafone booth, Securitas presents modern remote video surveillance solutions for customers and shows how Vodafone helps with the implementation.

"The basic requirements for our so-called Remote Video Solutions (RVS) are stable and highly efficient data lines and a best-possible integration into our operational high-performance network," Valls Ruiz explains. RVS combines ultra-modern IP technology with intelligent analysis software. The core services include 24/7 perimeter protection of real property, remote patrol services, remote entry-/exit management and escort services. The centerpiece of the solution is the possibility of making live audio announcements from the video monitoring center.
This system enables us to react quickly to events – in the best-case scenario, before damage is caused to the object to be monitored. False alarms and the high number of dispatched security officers can thus be reduced to a minimum.

Securitas presents a further innovative communication solution at the Vodafone booth: "Guard Monitoring System" (GMS). The Securitas guards who are closest to an alarm object are directed to the place of action using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Thanks to the integrated SIM card, there is a voice radio connection to the monitoring center. The management and recording of all alarm-response officers is also carried out via the system.