“Berlin’s best secretary” works at Securitas

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jeannette Rahn has been elected “Beste Sekretärin Berlins” (Berlin’s best secretary) by the Humboldt-Carré. The 48-year-old Berliner joined Securitas 12 years ago and has been acting as an assistant to the manager of Securitas Aviation for two years now. She is much appreciated for her good organizational skills and convincing personality.

On the occasion of the fourth "Secretary's Day Berlin", the Humboldt-Carré and Radio Paradiso offered this award for the second time and received a total of 34 applications. The selection was based on both professional and personal criteria.

Jeannette Rahn is the first contact at Securitas Aviation; as office manager, she takes care of all matters that fall within the aviation segment. From appointment organization to qualified information to the independent completion of tasks – every day she has to cope with various challenges. "You need to have a balanced nature and good organizational skills," the excellent secretary Jeannette Rahn told the Tagesspiegel. "It is very important to always maintain a sense of humor."

Her boss Dirk Fischlein, Manager of Securitas Aviation, says: "To me and our Securitas team, Jeannette Rahn is much more than just a secretary – she is an excellent assistant to the management! She is definitely much more than my 'best secretary'!" He submitted the application without telling his assistant and managed to convince the jury.