Securitas plays an active part in the new Aviation trade association

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The industry leader Securitas Deutschland welcomes the foundation of the new Aviation trade association within the Federal Association of German Security Companies (BDSW, Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft), and it will play an active part in the work of this committee and its board. In November, Gabriele Biesing, Head of Human Resources at Securitas Holding GmbH, was elected to be one of the three deputy chairpersons of the Aviation trade association, together with Claudia Uhe of FraSec Fraport Security Services and Peter Haller of All Service Sicherheitsdienste. Wolfgang Waschulewski, Honorary President of the BDSW, will act as chairman. Currently, the Aviation trade association represents a total of 20 member companies.

As a member company, Securitas has clear expectations regarding the new trade association. "We welcome the foundation of the new trade association within the BDSW", said Gabriele Biesing after having been elected deputy chairwoman. "Aviation security is of major importance. For the private service providers in this segment, it is not enough that an association more or less concentrates on collective bargaining, even if – due to industrial action – this has moved into focus in the past few years. The new Aviation trade association is more than that, it considers itself to be a partner for solutions in aviation security."

"The new Aviation trade association within the BDSW intends to consolidate the requirements of the aviation industry and of the competent authority for the security solutions of the future and to assist in the implementation," adds Dirk Fischlein, Managing Director of the Aviation segment at Securitas Deutschland. "We consider ourselves to be an essential part of the aviation industry, and we see a need for action: It is extremely important that the Aviation trade association intensifies and maintains the dialogue with politics, ministries, authorities and the aviation industry, thus considerably increasing acceptance," said Fischlein.

For more than twenty years now, the private security industry has been playing an essential part in guaranteeing aviation security at German airports. According to the new Aviation trade association, well-functioning and economically feasible air traffic forms an essential economic and social basis of our society.