Fewer burglaries also in the first quarter of 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

Berlin. Securitas Deutschland registers 19 percent fewer completed burglaries. Especially banks and building centers remain the targets of the perpetrators.

The declining trend in burglaries seen in the previous year continues: In the first quarter of 2018, the Securitas Operation Center in Berlin registered 19 percent fewer burglaries than in the first three months of the previous year. During the entire year of 2017, the number of burglaries recorded by the monitoring centers of the security service provider at customer premises throughout the country, decreased by 15 percent. In 2016, for the first time, a decrease by around 20 percent could be observed – after nine years of a continually growing number of burglaries. "Our work pays off: Prevention, guarding and patrolling, as well as high-quality alarm systems and technically sophisticated camera systems help protect the assets of companies and private persons," said Manfred Buhl, CEO Securitas Deutschland. According to him, burglary protection is a task for society as a whole, including intensified police measures and technology-based security solutions provided by private security service providers.

What was striking in the first quarter was the ratio of completed/abandoned burglaries – it was 2 to 1. This means: Every third burglary fails. The statistics of Securitas Deutschland only includes burglaries or attempted burglaries at customer premises whose alarm systems give signals to the Securitas Operation Center (SOC) or which are patrolled by Securitas Guards. Moreover, Securitas' alarm connections – in the commercial as well as in the private area – are not evenly distributed among the individual economic sectors. Nevertheless, the trends shown above have generally been confirmed by the police crime statistics (PKS, Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistiken) in the past years.

As compared to the first quarter of 2017, the decline in real burglaries – which have been recorded by the SOC – was particularly sharp in the following areas: Drugstores (minus 80 percent), food trade (minus 36 percent) and other retail trade (minus 47 percent). In these three sectors, the number of burglaries is still relatively high, however. The largest increase in the number of burglaries in the first quarter was registered in the following areas: Building centers (plus 125 percent) and banks (plus 67 percent).

The rate of attempts was distributed very unevenly among the various sectors. It was 50 percent in the banking sector, 36 percent in food trade and 24 percent in other retail trade. These numbers – for the share of attempts that triggered an alarm – demonstrate the effectiveness of preventive measures against burglars based on mechanical and electronic security devices, especially with regard to entrance doors and windows. The development of the rate of attempts is also favorably influenced by intensified patrol duties performed by the police, onsite guarding, patrols, closing controls and alarm-response services provided by security company staff, as well as by the maintenance of an "active", attentive neighborhood.