Gabriele Biesing

Labor Director of the Securitas Holding GmbH

Gabriele Biesing, born in 1967, in Königswinter, has been working in the security industry for many years – since 2012 as Labor Director and Member of the Management Board of the Securitas Holding GmbH. Since 1999, she has contributed the knowledge she gained during her studies of law and human resources development (M.A.) to her corresponding positions within the Securitas Group.

Biesing is actively involved in the Federal Association of German Security Companies (BDSW, Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft) – e.g. as chairperson of the expert committee "Ausbildung" (training) and of the working groups "Joboffensive Sicherheitswirtschaft" (job initiative security industry) and "Kerntechnische Anlagen" (nuclear facilities). Moreover, she is a member of various collective bargaining committees.


1995 - 1999
Lawyer in the regional court district of Bonn

1999 - 2012
Various activities within the Securitas Group, e.g. as legal adviser and Head of Law, Insurance and Human Resources

Since 2012
Labor Director of the Securitas Holding GmbH