Geschichten eines Sicherheitsunternehmens

Stories of a security company

The need for protection is as old as mankind itself. The forms of security services kept changing in the course of human history, but these three have always been part of it: Soldiers, policemen and watchmen.

This tour through the history of security starts in ancient times, leads through the Middle Ages and early modern times, highlights the development of the modern police in the 19th century and ends with the establishment of the first German private security companies and their early bloom during the Weimar Republic.

Geschichten eines Sicherheitsunternehmens
Volume 1
Von den Anfängen bis zum Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts

ISBN/GTIN: 978-3-00-043348-1
1st edition December 2013
Language: German | DE
Pages: 204
Cover: Hardcover
Authors: Erich Kupferschmidt, Thomas Menzel
Preface: Manfred Buhl

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